My dear Emily, sorry for having neglected you for so long.

I don’t really have a proper excuse or explanation for it; you know how these things sometimes happen.

Over the Christmas break I had friends here at home (as well as some family – the whole thing was kind of.. ‘revolving doors’ for a bit) and as a result spent many hours of happy domesticity cooking with people, watching Jamie Oliver shows with people, and of course, eating too much in the company of people. I must report that I we used the recipe I gave you for mulled wine to make mulled cider: it was a treat.

Surprisingly, by the time the Epiphany turned around (in France we celebrate it with the eating of a special pie of puff pastry and almond filling which I love) I already had taken down my droopy Christmas tree; possibly this is a first.

Under said tree for me this year among others was this beautiful yarn:

Christmas! –that I immediately used to knit pleated armwarmers from a Kristina McGowan pattern. I am madly in love with them and wear them all the time.

But since then, I have to be honest, I haven’t had a good time of it craft-wise. Nor in the kitchen, actually! Last week I used your wonderful banana cake recipe, twice, and twice I found myself with a flat, compact cake. Very moist, and edible of course, but nothing like the wonderful photograph in your blog post.

Then yesterday, determined to enjoy my knitting again, I put aside all the WiPs that bore me and cast on for an experiment in pure merino, so I could relish the nommy elasticity and softness of wool…

Coiled cowl experiment

Only to frog it all today, after coming to the inescapable conclusion that it was only going to net me an unwearable garment. Also, I’m not convinced by these stripes.

So there you are: no particular news from this side of the planet. Sorry for this very disappointing update… I hope things are going better in your area!